15 January 2011

Obituary--George Overly

Another obituary that just has to be written by Mrs Robertson.  The personal touch where she refers to her memories of the person is so typical of her style, especially when she remembers them in the band. (This one is not be be confused with the one where she was a shy little girl singing while he played in the band.)
From the 25 November 1914 Fremont TimesIndicator:

George Overly, a pioneer resident of Hesperia, died last Friday morning at the home of his son, George, on the Haight farm one mile southeast of Hesperia, of pneumonia.  Mr overly has been a resident of Hesperia for nearly fifty years.  A carpenter by trade, he has had a hand in the building of nearly all all homes.  He was a man of quiet, unassuming manner, very much liked by everyone and the writer remembers him as a fine looking young man when he was in the Hesperia Band, the first band that was every organized in the town, and to my childish notion George was always a hero when he was dressed in his uniform.  These friends must leave us sooner or later, much as we regret their passing.  It is in the course of human events. Mr. Overly lived in his comfortable little home in town with his daughter, Genevieve, his youngest child, whose home is now broken.  The funeral was held from the M. E. church and largely attended, Rev. Oldt speaking comforting words.  All his children were present at the funeral.  His daughter and husband, of Chicago, Mr. and Mrs. John Kelly; Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Reid, of Muskegon; Miss Mary Overly, of Chicago, and Genevieve and son George, also Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Covel, of Montague.  Interment was in the East cemetery, the Grand Army acting as pall bearers.  The casket was draped with the stars and stripes and covered with beautiful flowers.  Thus another old soldier has gone to his reward.

Good old Mrs. Robertson; you could always depend on her for the personal touch.  If you are new to this blog, you may enjoy reading back over some of her previous obits.  Just see the Mrs Robertson tag.

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