19 January 2011

Obituary--Mrs George W. Fitzsimmons

Aside from the obvious missing name of the woman, I felt, as the temperatures here hover in the low teens, this was a very timely obituary.

From the 26 February 1914 Fremont TimesIndicator:

The death of Mrs. George W. Fitzsimmons occurred at the home of her son, Robert, in Jackson, Wednesday Feb. 18.  The funeral services were held Monday at 2:30 p. m., after which the body was placed in a vault until warm weather, when it will be brought to this place burial.  The deceased was a resident of this city for many years, and three grandchildren now live here, namely: Mrs. Milton Hoppock, Roy and Dan Fitzsimmons.  He would have been 86 years of age in two weeks from the time of her death.

Even today, when the ground freezes, many of the local cemeteries keep the bodies in storage until the spring thaws.  Trying to dig out a grave in frozen clay, gravel, and even sand can be very difficult.  So most cemeteries just have it a standing practice from December to say March or April that there are no graves dug at all.

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