02 January 2011

Obituary--Frank P. Hopper

In case there are readers who celebrated a little too much a couple nights ago, I want to offer this obituary as a cautionary tale. 

From the 19 February 1914 Fremont TimesIndicator:


Death Occurred Tuesday Evening in His Apartments on Main Street.--Was Unconscious When Found

The sudden death of Frank P. Hopper, which occurred Tuesday night about seven o'clock at his apartments on Main Street was a shock to the community.  Death was the result of inebriety and exposure.
Mr. Hopper had for some time been living aloe in the rear of the first floor of his building on West Main street.  Tuesday morning, Melvin McDonald who occupies rooms on the second floor, went into Mr. Hopper's apartments and found him prostrate upon the bed in an unconscious condition.  The window was open and there was no fire in the room.  Mr. Hopper's body was cold and it was apparent that he had suffered from exposure.  Medical aid was summoned but he failed to rally.  He passed away early in the evening.
Frank P. Hopper was born in Ithaca, N. Y., September 3, 1853 and came to Hesperia at the age of 20 years.  He lived there until about 1884, when he came to Fremont and was engaged in the restaurant and grocery business there for a number of years.  Of late he has not been actively engaged in any business.
Mr. Hopper was the father of two daughters, namely, Hazel and Claudia, the latter having passed away several years ago.  Mrs. Hoper also preseded Mr. Hopper by several years.
Besides a daughter, Mrs. Hazel Gaze, of Holland, the deceased is survived by six brothers, as follows: Edd, of Big Rapids, Alonzo, of Kalamazoo; Eugene of Clarkston, Idaho; Charles of Grand Rapids; Arthur of Kalamazoo; and Will, of Los Angeles.
The Funeral service will be held Friday afternoon at 2:00 o'clock at the Congregational church.

These obituaries always leave me wanting more.  Middle of the month, middle of the week, was there a reason he was "inebriated?"  He was 61, was he just upset still over the loss of wife and daughter?  I assume the lack of fire was a result of passing out drunk on the bed.  But did he have other health problems?  Was there money issues?  I always want more back story than many of these obituaries  provide.

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