28 September 2010

Tombestone Tuesday--St. Michael's Catholic Cemetery

The cemetery featured this week is located at St. Michael's Catholic Church on the western county line.  The church and the graveyard are in a rural area, surrounded by cornfields, with an orchard across the road. Quiet and peaceful.
The sign above, explains the rules.  It appears this picture was taken in early spring.  Leaves are still on the ground and in the background of a couple pictures you can see melting piles of snow plowed from the church parking lot.  Also notice that most of the urns are tipped upside down.  I have mentioned before that our winters can be hard on them, if left to fill with snow and ice.
Here is another view of the cemetery, showing it in a wide angle. The trees appear to be mostly on the outer perimeter.
This large crucifix with two urns.  I find it curious that only one was inverted.  They are a nice matched set of urns.  I hope the upright one did not crack the winter prior to when this picture was taken.
None of the pictures we have in our collection feature any closeups of stones.  I was intrigued to discover the large dark stone appeared to have the name of a family member who lived in the area.  I guess I need to do some investigation into that.
Some readers may remember the story about a gravestone that was found in the middle of the road, in the middle of the county.  Subsequent investigation showed that this was the cemetery the stone was from.  I haven't been to the cemetery to see if the stone had been returned.

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