14 September 2010

Tombestone Tuesday--St. Joseph Cemetery

St. Joseph Cemetery is located in White Cloud, Michigan, near the center of the county. On the western edge of town is both the main White Cloud Cemetery, and across the road is Catholic cemetery, St. Joseph Cemetery.
As you can see below it is a beautiful cemetery, with many trees and shrubs and a variety of memorials and stones.
In the background of this sign you can see a large prominent crucifix. I've only been in the cemetery a couple times, and no names are visible on the closeup picture we have. I am not sure if this is a general monument or one for one or more families.
St. Joseph Cemetery is an active and growning cemetery. This you can see above how large it is. There are newer granite stones, as well as older stones.
This is a beautiful stone, reflecting the fact that this is a church cemetery. I cannot see a name in the picture even when I enlarge the picture. There are geraniums in front, so it is actively cared for. I wonder if there are family names in the back?
Here is another stone indicative of the Catholic foundation to the cemetery. Again no name is visible, even though we have several pictures, at different angles of this grave. And I am not sure what the metal marker is for. It doesn't quite look like a military flag holder, perhaps it stands for perpetual care.
This large monument for the Douchette family appears to be one of the zinc monuments. I love how they keep their crisp look. The only weathering appears to be not from decay but from the tannin in the water when the sprinklers run.The Gannon family has this massive monument. They all appear, from our transcript, to be buried around this stone. Several of our pictures of the cemetery show stones of this size and shape, with the large cross on top.
This picture also shows a large cross topped stone. On the central right side you can see the sign for the cemetery, which faces the road. Across the busy road, you can just faintly see the crosses of White Cloud Cemetery.
But that is a coming attraction.

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