23 September 2010

Obituary--Daniel L Barnes

Daniel Barnes is another veteran of the Civil War to live in Newaygo county. This time, instead of coming for land granted after the war, he came with his father in 1963, mid war. These details set into the fabric of history always make me want to know more. See what you think.

From the 21 October 1915 Fremont TimesIndicator:


Daniel L. Barnes was born in Johnson, Trumbul county, Ohio March 8, 1844, and died at his home 220 Gibson Ave, Oct 12, 1915. he came to Michigan in 1863, settling with his father on a farm in North Dayton.
He was married to Mrs Helen M. Barnes, his brother's widow, Sept 24, 1865. Two children, Orlie Emerald and Mrs Frances Adella Reed preceded him in death.
He is survived by his widow, Mrs Helen A Barnes, one brother C. M. Barnes, of Walkerville; one sister Mrs Westbrook, of Denver, and two grandchildren, Roscoe Reed of Spencer, and Roland Reed of Fremont, besides a large number of other relatives who have known him long and well.
In 1894 with his family, Mr. Barnes moved into the house on Gibson Ave. where he died.
When President Lincoln issued his last call for volunteers in 1865 the deceased responded and served until the end of the civil war.
The funeral services were held at the East Denver M. E. church last Friday afternoon at 1:00 o'clock, Rev R. A. Thibos, of the Fremont Church of Christ, officiating. Interment in Bull Cemetery.

So, he moved here during the war, one brother had died (in the war already perhaps?), and he enlisted near his 21st birthday, apparently serving for only a few months. So many questions--did he want to serve earlier and his father prevent him? Did he want to win the love of (or perhaps prove his for) his dead brothers wife? Maybe the brother hadn't died yet, though.
Inquiring minds want to know these things!

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