31 August 2010

Tombstone Tuesday--St. Bartholomew Cemetery

St. Bartholomew Cemetery, (or St. Barts, as it is commonly referred to,) is located in south central Newaygo county. The Catholic church associated with this cemetery is located Newaygo Michigan. This area is farther removed from the Dutch influence of Fremont, and has a sizable Hispanic population.
These pictures of St. Bartholomew Cemetery were obviously taken in winter. The sign is of similar construction of many of the county cemeteries. This one has the addition of "He is risen" attached to the top of the sign, indicative of their faith.
The photos reveal a well used and well loved cemetery, with plenty of shrubs and trees. Even in fall, there are clear signs of flowers, flags and statues.
I was struck by the number of stones reflecting the heart shapes. This picture alone has two in the foreground and another two in the background. Also prominent are at least two large wooden crosses erected here. Clearly St. Barts has not taken the stand of another county cemetery and banning these family made memorials.
I find this stone particularly touching. I love the rugged uncut stone with the simple brass plaque. And the mementos on top....fishing lures, an I Heart Basketball key chain....clearly signs that over 10 years later, Aaron has not been forgotten. I included this shot of the side of the utility building because I thought the artwork was striking, turning a plain pole building into a benediction on all who rest here.
While much of the focus here has been on the newer stones, this large Gardner monument signifies an earlier history to the cemetery. A faint outline of engraving along the top which may have given further details on the family, has been lost to time.
And in closing today, this large monument--an old rugged cross. Wonderfully carved, massive and ornate. But, alas, no family information can be seen on this beautiful memorial.

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