29 August 2010

Bonus on George Phillips

I was so intrigued by the obituary of George Phillips that posted yesterday, I had to do a little more research.
I dove into our cemetery transcript for East Hesperia Cemetery. There they were--on page 7. The entire Phillips family. Or at least mother, father and three sons, all on the same plot, with a large family monument. With dates, or least years of death for all of them. And the wife/mother's name.
I thought I would skim through the picture we had for East Hesperia as well. Not very likely, but worth a look. And there in the pictures I took last spring, there was the whole Phillips family plot. I could not believe it!
So, on the outside chance a relative may view this, and for the curious, may I present the Phillips family.
From left to right:
Marjorie Phillips--inscription: Mother Born 1834, Died 1885
George Phillips--inscription: Father Born 1835, Died 1917
James Phillips--inscription: Son Born 1855, Died 1918
Thomas Phillips--inscription: Son Born 1874, Died 1938
George Phillips--inscription: Son Born 1866, Died 1938

So apparently, referring back to yesterdays obituary, sons James and George were about 30 and 19 when their mother died. Probably two of the daughters at least were between them. That explains to me why he only had to bring up one son and two daughters alone as noted in the obituary. That point was had puzzled me.

Then I went back to the Obituary book for 1917. I thought perhaps there may have been a brief paragraph in the Fremont column stating Mrs Bird was called to her fathers funeral, and perhaps more details. And look what I found on the page after George's obituary. Another paragraph alright, but it was the rest of George's obituary. And here it is, completing the previous posting, from the 30 May 1917 Fremont TimesIndicator.

George Phillips was born in the Parish of Lintrachin, Scotland, April 2nd, 1835. He was the third son of William and Jane Phillips. Sixty four years ago he was married to Miss Marjorie Spence in Montrose, Scotland, and twelve children were born to them, seven of whom are living.

Oh, how I hope a descendant IS following this blog.

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    You have no idea how wonderful you are!!!! Several of the family have been looking for this information for YEARS!!!!!! And to find it a few days before Christmas is such a wonderful gift!! You are truly our Christmas Angel!!
    Please get in touch with me as soon as possible.
    Cheers!! Lauralynn Smith
    22 Dec 2010


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