12 August 2010

Obituary--Dake, infant son

There are times, when the community (gossip) columnists reigned supreme, when a person's death would not just be reported once, but several times in the same paper. Three mentions of the death, but never once is the name of the year old child mentioned.

From the 5 April 1917 Fremont Times Indicator:

The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Julius Dake died with pneumonia last Friday. Funeral services were at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Dake's parents, Mr. and Mrs. McGowan, near Wooster. Rev George Vanwingerden conducted the funeral services and the little one was interred in the Bull cemetery last Sunday. A little bird of promise was thus cut down, but it will bloom again the the garden of paradise.

Almost sounds like Mrs Robertson near the end of that one. Then came this small mention.

The funeral of the year old child of Mr. and Mrs. Julius Dake was held Sunday at the home of Mrs. Dake's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank McGowen. Interment was made in Bull cemetery.

More details in this next one on the cause of death, and the rest of the facts seem to match what was told before.

The infant son of Mr and Mrs Julius Dake died last Friday, of pneumonia. He was thought to be better and typhoid fever was contracted. The funeral was held Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank McGowan, and interment made in the Bull cemetery. They have much sympathy in their sadness.

Where was that typhoid in the previous articles? A point to remember when browsing in old newspapers for genealogical tidbits. Don't stop at the first bit of news, dig through the entire paper. You may find more items about the same death or other event. And each with a different point of view.

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