07 July 2010

Newaygo Cemetery

Newaygo Cemetery is one of the oldest in the counties and one of my favorites. It has many stones that are as unique as the people that settled there. Charles H. Robertson was buried there on 5 July 1854. Newaygo Cemetery also has many stones in an older section you no longer can read.

As far as to say it is the oldest I cannot say we have many small cemeteries around the county that has started out as burial plots for the family. Stearns Prarie also known as Culp Cemetery has two burials we know of that is older a Phebe Ann Deming 29 Aug 1853 and a David Syran Culp in 1853.

North Ensley, Dayton Center, Volney, Oakgrove and Bull Cemeteries all have burial records starting in 1860's, 1870's many in the 1880's and our records were very poorly kept in this county for many years so we really don't know. I do know there are many Native American burial grounds in the county so they are the oldest.

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