03 July 2010

Obituary--Clyd Warwick

This obituary is for a young farmboy. It touches my heart, as my sons also are each a "lover of machinery". Life was rough then as now.

From the 1 May 1913 Fremont Times-Indicator:

Clyde Warwick died suddenly at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Warwick, of Huber, with tuberculosis of the bowels. he was in Hesperia that day and was as well as common. In the night he awoke his parents saying that he felt very badly and wished he might have a doctor. The doctor was immediately called, but he was just breathing his last when the doctor arrived. Clyde was 15 years old and went to school in Denver and Huber, but being a lover of machinery, as soon as he was old enough to go with his father on the threshing machine, he was his constant helper. About a year ago his health began to fail. He was taken to Ann Arbor but nothing could be done for him. The funeral was held last Monday st Huber. We extend our sympathy to the parents in their bereavement.

Short but so sad. I notice that his health began to fail a year ago. That makes me wonder at the phrase he was as well as common. If he was frequently in pain or ill or what. Again so many unanswered questions. I also wonder what age his father considered him old enough to go on the threshing machine. Mine would have had to be much older than 15.

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  1. Well, you sent me off in a search for more information about TB in the early 1900's. My Heimbach family was basically wiped out by TB in the same time period. Living in the country should have helped him, but TB or consumption Diarrhea was the cause of death in 80% of the deaths in that time period. Aren't we lucky. He must have been a sweetie that the community knew him as a great helper to his dad.
    Thanks for sharing.


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