30 July 2010

Obituary--Mrs Wm Sidler

This obituary is in keeping with my smaller obits theme. Not extremely small, but compared to some that have appeared recently, a much more manageable size. And apparently, a belated obituary besides.

From the pages of the 1 March 1917 Fremont TimesIndicator:

Too late for last week.

Mrs. Wm. Sidler died at her home last Wednesday morning after a lingering illness with tuberculosis. Her brother, J. Judson of Vicksburg and a sister from Schoolcraft were with here when the end came. Mrs Sidler has been a resident here upwards of thirty-five years and was a woman who was much loved and held in the highest esteem. Never strong at any time she could take no active part in anything but devoted her time to her home and family. A great grief came into her life seven years ago when Joanna, her only child, a beautiful girl of twenty, died with the same fatal disease. Two other children also died and Mr. and Mrs. Sidler were left alone. Mrs Sidler was a member of the W. L. C. who deeply regret her demise. The funeral was held at the home last Saturday afternoon and the interment was made in the East cemetery. Rev. Klerekoper officiated. Much sympathy is felt for Mr. Sidler who was devoted to his wife, giving her the best of care, and the hearts of neighbors and friends go out to him in his loneliness. Mrs. Sidler's brother, A. B. Judson of Ionia got as far as Muskegon and could get no further, as the trains did not run.

Huh? At the top it says her brother J. Judson, not A. B. And that he was from Vicksburg. Those two towns are nowhere close to each. And I can only assume he went home to wherever and was trying to return for the funeral. Early March in Michigan can have some big storms, sometimes the biggest of the winter, so that may be why trains did not run from Muskegon to here.
And notice that it says East Cemetery, since this is after the opening of Maple Grove, I will simply assume that this is the East Hesperia Cemetery. After discovering that Pioneer Cemetery, on the east side of Fremont was once called East Cemetery, I will have to watch closely. However, I remember seeing the good reverend, Rev. Klerekoper, as officiating at many of the Hesperia funerals, so will also use him as an indicator that this is Hesperia area.

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