27 March 2010

Obituary--Sylvanus Slocum

With the soft sounds of simple alliteration sounding its silver tones in the name of Sylvanus Slocum, I could not resist this obituary.

From the pages of 19 January 1905 Fremont Times Indicator.

Death of Sylvanus Slocum

Sylvanus K. Slocum, one of Denver township's esteemed venerable pioneers, died tonight at the home of his son Burdette, eight miles north-east of this village. He was aged 77 years the 22 day of August last, was a native or York State from which place he emigrated to Michigan forty years ago, and has resided in Beaver and Denver townships ever since. Mr Slocum was as thoroughly conversant with the pioneer history of this section as any other person, was a vigorous, sociable, conscientious Christian all the years of his residence here. His aged companion survives, together with three brothers and three sons. Death came to him as a peaceful dream after a few hours of undisturbed slumber.
The funeral service will be held from the church at Huber, Sunday at 1 o'clock.

Possibly, since the archives in which we store the clippings do not list a newspaper name, it is possible that this was from the Hesperia paper of the time instead. We do occasionally get donations of very old papers. I feel fairly confident that the references to "this village" both in this obituary and the previous one are about Hesperia, a nearby small town. This one especially with the townships listed and the mention of the community of Huber make me quite sure these refer to Hesperia.

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  1. Hee is a death record for Sylvanus Slocum: http://seekingmichigan.org/u?/p129401coll7,583445 . Of course, that won't help with the name of the paper!


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