16 March 2010

Obituary--Harley Daniels

This obituary is so sad, involving a child's accidental death.

From the pages of the 14 September 1922 Fremont Times Indicator, but credited to the Newaygo Republican.


Harley Daniels While Playing On Railroad Bridge Falls Off and Was Drowned.

Newaygo Republican--
Harley Amos Daniels, the 8-year-old son of Mr and Mrs Amos Daniels was accidentally drowned last Saturday afternoon. the little fellow was playing with other boys by the railroad bridge over the race when he accidentally fell into the water.
As soon as the alarm was given quite a number of people gathered on the banks and strenuous efforts to recover the body were made, but it was not located until about 8 o'clock, the water being about 18 feet deep and the strong current had carried the body down to one of the gates at the power house. The body was taken to the undertaking room of Glenn Rice, prepared for burial and was taken to the home on Sunday morning.
Revs. Truman and Varney conducted a funeral service at the home on Tuesday afternoon. The casket was covered with beaautiful flowers, bearing their silent testimony tothe sympathy felt for the family. Burial was in the village cemetery, four playmates acting as pallbearers.

I am not sure if this happened in Newaygo or Croton. Both communities had nearby dams and powerplants on the Muskegon River. The thought of playing on the railroad bridge over 18 foot deep water gives me chills. But back in those simpler times children ran and played more freely than today.

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  1. This story is so sad. Sadder still is the fact that we hear the same kinds of stories today. Railroad bridges seem to carry some type of fascination to children. What a tragedy.


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