25 March 2010

Obituary--Harry Watrous

One of the older issues of the paper yielded this little tidbit from the community columns. It starts out so somber and then takes a dramatic shift somewhere in the middle.

From the 3 September 1879 issue of the Fremont Times Indicator:

--Died in this village, September 1st, Harry, son of S.S. and Minnie A Watrous, in the 9th year of his age. Harry had been sick about 5 weeks and most of that time his sufferings were very great, yet he bore them with remarkable patience to the very last. (Watch out, here it comes!) But now he is dead! and a home is made to feel that one of the brightest of its cluster has been led from earth to a realm beyond the skies. Father, mother, sister, and Harry's little playmates, too, have the sympathy of all in this their time of sorrow.

There is simply nothing I can add to that, other than I feel a frustrated writer in there somewhere yearning to break out.

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