05 March 2010

Obituary--Charles D. (or C.) Hubbs

You gotta live an obit where the name is spelled with two different middle initials. Of course if the hotel burned down, they would not have the register to check it against. We are getting back to less unusual means of death, although is by no means a common one. As typical for this era, the brief article manages to convey plenty of drama.

From the 25 December 1905 Newaygo Republican.


Charles D Hubbs Loses His Life in Burning Hotel.

The Pacific Hotel, situated near the depot in Fremont, caught fire about 12 o'clock this morning and was totally destroyed. Charles C. (see I told you.) Hubbs, a traveling man whose home was ni Greenville was smothered by the smoke and was dead when found. He came down stairs after the fire broke out and went back to his room for some reason and did not come down again. He was missed and searchers found him on the floor in a corner of his room covered with bed clothing. Physicians worked over him for three hours in the effort to save his life but to no avail. He leaves a wife and two children. It is not known positively how the fire orginated. The hotel was owned by John DeBois.

Apparently not completely cremated, if they worked for 3 hours. You wonder--did he he forget a gift for his wife or children that made him rush back in? Did he have some money or important papers he needed? Or was he despondent and choose this way to die.
The mysteries of life. And death.

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