26 October 2009

Family Histories

We always welcome people to add their family histories to the Local History Room. Here are a few of the names that we have histories of presently on our shelves.
Aiken, Dorsey
Alberta, Vredeveld, Hossink, Vandervelde
Allen, Delva Carroll and Edna Abigail J. Cross Allen
Bacon, Frank Amos
Barton Family
Bird, David William
Branstrom, William J.
Bristol, Clarence Norman
Cate Derk Ten and Berendina Oonk
Crofoot, David Skinner
Crosby Family
Danford, Earl H.
Danford, John C.
Davis’s of Ashland Township Newaygo, Michigan
Dawe, Dickinson Daniels
Dekuiper, Edythe Swanson
Demmon and Allied Families
Deters, J.H.
Deters, Kline
DeWeerd, Christine (Kole)
Dickinson, William
Dill Family
Donahoe Story & The Reed Story
Dougans of Ashland Township, Newaygo, County
Dudley, Thomas
Dyk, Gerrit Jan
Erps, The Erps of Tombstone Martin D. Douglas
Fink, Sak and Zoran Immigrants
Folkema Doeke & Klaaske
Frodey, Ray My Poems, my papers and my ancestors
Fuller Family
Giddings – Gyddyns
Giddings Family
Graichen Family of America
Hills, William
Hindst & McDonald Reunions
Hornby, Clark Walter
Howard Family
Huisjen, David R.
Jewell Family
Johnson, Lincoln & Julia
Kimball, Merritt W.
Klomp, Evert
Kole, Cornelis & Neeltje
Kolk, Harm and Jantje
Lane, Robert T.
Lewis & Macumber Families
Lewis, Macumber Family
Lewis, Meriweather & Kindered Families
Lt. John and Elizabeth (Freeman) Ellis
Mahn, P.H. & B. A,
Martin, Elta Jay – After Glow
Masters, Marjorie
Matson, Francis A. The Prophecy
Matson, Velma Who am I?
Maxson, Walter J. (Mike) & Barbara
Maynard, John
Merrill, James
Meyer, Hendrick, 30 years
Murphy, Family (John & Elizabeth)
Norberg Roots
Nyes of English Origin Vol. 2
Nyes Vol. 1
One of Ten Albert K. Stevens
Parker, Joshua & Anna
Reinoldts of Ashland Township
Roossinck Family History
Rozema Family
Ryerson, Martin
Samis and related families
Schmitt, Anton
Sharps of Ashland Township
Shattuck, Family
Shaver Family History
Shaw, Edwin O.
Small, Robertson and related families
Smith, Jack
Smith, William and Hattie Smith Family
Sneller, Gerrit Reijers
Spooner Family Tree
Stevens, William
Stroven, Strowenjans
Sundell Roots
Tanis Family Tree
The Ancestry of Nathan Lewis Harrison
The Love of Emeline (Shepard)
The world Book of Nelsons Vol. 1
The world Book of Nelsons Vol. 2
Three Dutch Families by Mary Hathaway
Titus, Obediah Maat & Bessie Ann “Cooper” Titus
Troutier, Joseph (Truckee)
Troutier, Joseph “Truckee”
Truesdell, Gideon
Ulrichs of Fuerstentum Waldeck
Van Hemert
Vautrim – Wotring Woodring Family
Visker Family
Vredeveld, Hossink, Vandervelde, Alberta,
Wantz - Dickinson- Phillips – Titus
Washa, William (Indian Bill)
Weaver Family
Westbrook Family
Whitman, Putman, Wilson, Merrilll families
William Julius Champion
Williams, Roger and Hart Line – Free born
Williams, Roger and Waterman Line
Wilson, Dear John
Wilson, Dear John Supplement
Wolters – Watsing Family
Woodhouse Family
Woodhouse, One Woodhouse Family

Please help by contributing a copy of your family history to help preserve your families history for future generations.

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