13 October 2009

Intro to Me

I’m Linda, the quiet and shy snow-loving member of our twosome. I’m married to a farmer who has never lived more than half a mile from where we now live. I have two grown sons, both farmers through and through. While I have moved around some, I have stayed in the West Michigan area all my life. My love of family history began with my grandmother telling me stories of how we were related to Ethan Allen (un-proven as yet) and how Gerald Ford used to attend our Ford family reunions as a child. Much work had been done on my father’s family history, so my first breakthrough came when I discovered my first Civil War ancestor on my mother’s side. It has been an exciting quest to dig into the Allen, Ford, Cross, Samis, Gilbert, Cunningham, Wells, Stiver, Hagen, and Walsworth lines. (Just to name a few.)
One of my biggest college regrets was that I decided not to pursue a history minor. Digging into the family history as well as the area history has been never-ending and rewarding adventure.


  1. Linda - just discovered your site via a link on Facebook. I note that you have the surname Stiver in your family. Do you know what it was originally? My Stiver clan was Stoeber from Germany to United States (1792) to Canada in 1794.

  2. to linda please contact me my dad was with g samis inww1 my dad from big rapids edward horrigan served mich nat guard with gilbert coh mng also in 126th inf 32nd div. also on mexico border dads dob 6/9/96. dan horrigan puyallup wa st

  3. I added some contact info below our pictures if you would like to try to e-mail me at the library.


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