21 October 2009

Local History Databases

I mentioned that one of my duties here at the Local History room is entering basic data from the obits, birth announcements, weddings, anniversaries, etc in our database. The names are available by searching the databases on the Local History page of our Library website.
We keep the paper copy in notebooks, in addition to the microfilm in their drawers. Here is a picture of the notebooks.
The 5 shelves on the right are all the obituaries. The column of shelves next to that, plus the top shelf on the next row, are the births, weddings, anniversaries, and divorces. We also have been keeping clippings of military service. There is a data base for that as well, but unfortunately, it is lower priority for genealogy purposes.
We also have information on many of the small area communities that now are just an intersection. We have books on the old county one room schools, and myriads of pictures of buildings, schools, and pioneers.
I love this place.

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