29 January 2013

Tombstone Tuesday: A Rural Scene at Clark

One of the things I like best about Clark cemetery is the woodsy feeling, even though it is near two well used roads. 
Clark cemetery is located on 48th Street, a main road into Fremont.  And just west of the cemtery is the intersection of 48th and Maple Island Road.  It is also the meeting point of Newaygo, Muskegon and Oceana counties.  Maple Island Road is a main north south road for commuters heading for Muskegon.
But here at Clark, you can find new graves and stones, as well as the older ones.  Not only the older obelisk shaped stones, and the wedge shaped granite stones can be found here.  Look behind the tree in the center and you can see a couple older stones, one with a military flag, and the other with a bit of a list.
Those two are back near the edge of the cemetery, and close to the road, as can be seen by the implement dealer in the background.  Shaded, but not forgotten, as shown by the flag in the holder by that back stone.
Clark cemetery is a great mix of old and new.  It is a cemetery I love to wonder through.

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