22 January 2013

Tombstone Tuesday--Area Dignitaries

 Well, okay, maybe dignitaries is pushing it some.  But I found it interesting how many family names in Holton Oakwood Cemetery were of citizens prominent enough to have area roads named after them in Muskegon county.  Which does make sense; after all, Holton is in Muskegon county.
And given the lumbering background of Muskegon county especially, it makes perfect sense that one of those families interred there would be the Ryerson family.
 One of our patrons, while I was employed at the local library, was very interested in the Ryerson family.  They have a library in Grand Rapids named after them.  They were prominent lumbermen and were later influential in the Chicago area.
 But other families, ones I am not so familiar with, that are also in Holton Cemetery and are also names I see on the nearby roads.
Ruprecht is a small road nearby.  I wonder if it was named for Edward F, or a relative.
 Marvin is another fairly short road, but a main turnoff into Holton.  Their family has their own marker here.
 Squiers are also here.  Although I think the road is now spelt Squires.
And one of our main county roads, that comes out at the point where three counties come together is Skeels.  And sure enough, they are here too.
I wonder how many other cemeteries are so well represented.

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