08 January 2013

Tombstone Tuesday--Hanna Rogers, one of the Pioneers

One of our local cemeteries is now called the Pioneer Cemetery.  It was called the old cemetery, and at times the East Cemetery.  That fact caused much confusion when reading old obituaries, because the East Hesperia Cemetery, was also often just called the East cemetery.  I related the story of this cemetery back in July of 2010.
This cemetery was the main Fremont cemetery, until the city established Maple Grove cemetery on the south side of the town.  At that time many bodies were transferred from the older cemetery to Maple Grove.   After a time, the cemetery was abandoned and the remaining stones were piled in a corner and the lot left to grow wild.
When Harry Spooner, a local educator and historian, started efforts to restore the cemetery and identify those people who were still buried in Pioneer Cemetery some of the stones were uncovered in the back corner.  Among those discovered stones was this one for Hannah Rogers, born 18 April 1891 and died 14 October 1861. 
Those stones that were discovered were lay down flat, some were broken and re-assembled flat. But it is great that these stones, like Hannah's have been preserved.  I love the scroll work on the top that would probably have been broken if the stone were left upright.  And engraved picture is one I do not recall seeing before, with both a lamb and a willow.
I'm so glad that at least some of these early stones have been preserved.

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