20 November 2012

Tombstone Tuesday: Walter and Mary Knickerbocker

Today's stone is for Walter Knickerbocker (2 Feb 1822 to 24 Nov 1902) and his wife Mary Knickerbocker (20 Feb 1835 to 21 Nov 1902), located in the West Hesperia cemetery. 
I was intrigued by this stone, first because they died only 3 days apart, and then because the names were squished so far to the right. 
Upon closer examination, the names were squished because there is a faint outline remaining of an engraving of a plant, possibly of a lily or palm frond.  There may even be more written or a picture carved along the top curved section of the stone.   It is very faint and the enlarged picture still does not make it clear if there is carving there or just the shading of the marble.
What is clearer, although shows very faintly in the picture here is the additional carving below Mary's vital statistics.  The stone reads "Gone but not forgotten".  Perhaps by posting this here, some family member may discover them so they will not be forgotten. 
I must mention the military flag holder show in front of the stone as well.  It is not like the ones I have seen commonly in Newaygo County.  The star has a circle with a small star on each point.  The top arm and the two bottom arms have the initials F C L, one letter in each arm.  Inside the main circle are the words" Our Comrade Soldier" followed by the years 1961-1865.  In the right arm of the star is an anchor.  There is also a picture in the left arm, but both I and a civil war buff friend are unable to make it out.  He was able to tell me though that the letters stand for Fraternity, Charity, and Loyalty, the motto of the GAR. 
May their memory live on.

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