13 November 2012

Tombstone Tuesday--Caruso Family

This week I am not strictly talking about a tombstone, but rather a mausoleum.  This is a very prominent feature of our local city cemetery, Maple Grove Cemetery.
There are very few mausoleums in the cemetery, but this has always been a favorite of mine, even before I started working in their old building.
Our history center here in Fremont Michigan is located in what was once the family's candy store, show below. 
Looking back above to the mausoleum the other day, I was surprised to notice the stained glass window in the rear of the building.  It is very hard to make out in the picture but is is there.  I had before noted the see-thru iron doors, but had never noticed the window.  It was on Sunday noon when I saw it, and took this picture.  It stood out so clearly that for a moment I wondered if it was back lit.
I always thought the mausoleum to be impressive.   The small town I grew up in just north of here did not have any mausoleums.  I was rather in awe of the grave site being so massive compared to regular stones.
While Maple Grove Cemetery does have more than one mausoleum, this one will always be special, both for being the first I noticed, and for being the resting place for the family that build our marvelous building.

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