27 November 2012

Tombstone Tuesday--P Johnson

Today's tombstone is one that I have not visited.  I'v just seen this picture from Woodville Cemetery Newaygo county, Michigan. 
P. Johnson was born 4 July 1846, and died on 16 September 1895.  Nothing else is known about his or her life.  But the grave says a lot.
A wonderfully shaped stone, with a rose and leaves engraved in the top.  The additional engraving around the point and side give it a little extra oomph.  Clearly this was no cheap slab stuck in the ground.
P. Johnson  died before the age of 50 years.  And apparently there is still family or friends still around.  As this picture was taken many years later, probably close to a century.  But it still has some fairly fresh silk flowers placed on the grave.
Rest in Peace Mr. or Mrs. Johnson.   You are remembered.

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  1. Yes, there is so much family history in cemeteries. I'm broken through a lot of brick wall using findagrave.com. I'm new to GeneaBloggers and am learning so much from this community.


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