26 October 2010

Tombstone Tuesday--Volney Cemetery

 Volney Cemetery is near the Beaver township hall, in western Newaygo county.  Burials appear to start in the 1870 and 1880s and continue to the current time.
 Much of the cemetery, especially the older sections have the cement boundaries.  The bordered plot above is typical.  Unfortunately, the day most of our pictures of Volney cemetery were taken was a bright sunny day, and many of our pictures have highly contrasting light and shadows, making some of the names hard to read.
 Here however is a clearly visible military stone with the flag in place.  The word "Artificer" apparently refers to his rank or job in the army, as it was skilled workman or mechanic in the armed services. Jesse E Walker served in Company 1 of the 18 US Infantry during the Spanish American War.   Living from 17 March 1871 to 18 February 1936, I am unable to make out the words inscribed on the bottom of the stone.  Although the stone is mottled with lichen, it is very sharp and free from weathering in this picture. 
 This stone for Sarah Painter Redding (1846-1880) was surprising to me also.  It appears to be composed of red granite, a material that I always thought of as of usage much later.  While it could have been placed much later than her time of death, the stone itself is of a shape and design similar to older stones.
 This stone for John Painter (died 13 November, 1887, age 69 years, 11 months 3 days) is also in a remarkable state of repair. While it is missing a top finial of some kind, the fleur de lis pattern around the bottom is wonderfully sharp and clear.   The same stone can be seen in the picture below, although the border from the plot in back cannot.

Here is another large Painter family stone, with a large Bettys family stone in the background.
Here is another old stone in a great state of repair. The base with the crosshatching pattern is clearn and in one piece.  The obelisk above is also tall and has the little urn shaped finial still in place.  It memorializes the Loehr family.  Only the name of Edna Clair Loehr, daughter of J & J Loehr, who died in 1908 is easily readable from this side.
Many family stones are visible in this picture: McDonald, and Charles & Charlotte Gleason.  but I was most intrigued by the double stone with the carving in the right foreground.  I cannot make out the name but the carved middle stone seems to connect the stones of two separate couples.
Another family plot for the Conleys.  Newer stone, but still a bordered plot behind it.
One of the most intriguing stones, listed in the transcript, but not seen in our pictures, has this inscription:  James Gorwin, son of J.W and H.M.  Was murdered by Daniel McDonald June 2, 1881.  12 years, 10 m's, 3 d'y.  Dearest child, rest with your mother's love and care and God will deal justly with the murderer that took your young life.   1869-1881.
Whew!  Interesting enough, of the McDonalds in our transcript, there is no Daniel.

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