21 October 2010

Obituary--Libbie Drost

This obituary is one of those where we get two for one.  There is the regular obituary, giving names and facts, and then the more personal notice that appears in the community gossip column.  Both give different views of the same individual. 

From the 24 August 1922 Fremont TimesIndicator, the obituary:

Libbie Van Baak was born in The Netherlands, march 9, 2853.  On April 27, 1875 she was married to Garret Drost.  In 1885 they came to America and soon after that settled near Reeman where they have since lived.  Nine children were born to them of which six survive, John Drost and Mrs. J. Newald of Muskegon, Mrs Will Tanis, Mrs Ed Neiboer and Garret and Will Drost of Reeman.
Mrs. Drost was a life long member of the Christian Reformed church and it was her sorrow that during her nearly eight months of invalidism she had to miss the church servicees.  funeral services were held last Wednesday afternoon, Rev. J H Mokema of Fremont taking Charge.  Burial was made in Maple Grove cemetery.

And this clipping was in the same issue of the paper, from the Reeman community news.

This community was saddened Monday morning to hear of the death of Mrs. Drost who passed away while asleep early that morning.  The deceased had been an invalid since her serious illness with pneumonia last January, yet her death, though not entirely unexpected, was a shock to relatives and friends because of the suddenness and quietness of her passing.  Mrs. Drost had lived many years in this community and was a loved friend of all.  The deepest sympathy of everyone who knew her is extended to the mourning relatives.

See what I mean?  The obituary tells where she was born and married, when she came to America, the names of surviving children. (Although no mention is made of the husband, if alive or not.) But the second tells more of the effect on the community of her life and of her loss.  I am glad we have them both.

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