01 October 2010

Obituary--Everett Wilbur

This is another obituary of a child.  Brief, yet except for the date of birth, fairly complete.

From the 15 April 1915 Fremont TimesIndicator;

Everett, the seven year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Wilbur of North Denver, died at his home last Wednesday, April 7.  He had been an invalid all his life.  The funeral was held at the home Friday afternoon, Rev. M. Oldt, of the M. E. church officiating.  The interment was made in the East cemetery.

This is one of the brief obits that only appear in the community gossip columns of the newspaper. The East cemetery, is apparently the East Hesperia cemetery, as that is in Denver township, and would be probably the closest.  So young, yet, what a hard life he must have had, being an invalid all his life.  I always wonder what life would have been for these children who die so young, if they had been born in this century.   Would they still be alive?

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