16 February 2010

Tombstone Tuesday--Danish Cemetery

Our county, in its earlier days not only had a large influx of people from the Netherlands, but also a sizable Danish community. They even had a school where they continued to teach, not only regular high school subjects, but also the crafts and customs of their heritage.
The Danish School and the cemetery are both located in Ashland township of Newaygo county. The pictures show a smallish but well kept up cemetery, and it appears to be in current usage.
Some of the older massive stones reflect the flourishing community. Here Hans Mortensen apparently predeceased his wife Elsebeth. Her death date is not recorded on the larger stone. Perhaps the "Mother" stone close by was hers.

This stone, inscribed with a simple cross and the words "Minde over Jes Christensens" and then perhaps the word Son scratched below. The only date is 1884. Perhaps an infants stone but it's rugged simplicity has a solid beauty to it.
Another large and massive stone. I cannot make out any names--perhaps because of the lighting. But I can see that it is engraved both on the tall section and the middle base stone. A beautiful marker.
I love this stone, simple because it fits right in with my great- and great-great-grandparents. Otto here died in 1912, while my relatives died a little later. They too have the same pink stone, although they are north of the county. And they too, are in constant danger of having grass growing over them. I have repeatedly told my sons, I do not want a flush tombstone, but one that stands solid and above the ground level.
Here in this wider angle the newer pink and white stones blend with the massive rough hewn granit as well as others that may be marble, but area clearly older. Notice the filled urn, showing that possibly family or friends still remember.
New stones, old stones, tall stones, flat stones. Mown grass and a vine covered fence. What a peaceful resting place.

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  1. The cemetery looks like it is well kept and very well maintained


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