28 February 2010

Obituary--August Augusten

This is one of the older obituaries, copied from the Fremont paper, it is credited as coming from the White Cloud Eagle. Obviously comes from the time when we still had many lumber camps in the region.

12 November 1879 Fremont Times Indicator.

--A horrible accident occurred at David herrens camp in Ensley, Newaygo county, last Friday. while August Augusten was felling a pin tree it fell and struch another small beech tree, whil fell back and struck Augusten on the head, smashing the back side of it badley and breaking his neck and right arm at the elbow and the left leg in three places. he was blind in one eye, (then what was this man doing cutting trees if he was half blind?) and probably did not see the tree coming toward him. Mr Augusten was a man of sober and industrious habits, about 33 years of age and a native of Sweden. His body was taken to his friends in Sparta, Kent county. He leaves a wife and two small children in destitute circumstances. A purse of $30 was made up between Mr. Herren and the boys of his camp.-- Eagle.

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