06 February 2010

Obituary--LaVerne Bondeville

Another in the series of unusual ways to die.

From the 14 September 1922 Fremont Times Indicator.


LaVerne bondville, aged 19, slipped and fell Sunday into the cement conveyor at the plant of the Portland Cement company, Newaygo, where he was employed, and died of his injuries.
The young man was alone in the basement at the time. Although his body was drawn into the machinery and one foot pulled off, Bondville worked himself loose and then crawled 50 feet to a ladder. He climbed the six foot ladder and then reached the laboratory 75 feet away, where he obtained aid. The leg was amputated at the knee in an effort ot save his life, but he was summoned late Sunday evening.
The young man resided with his parents in Newaygo.

Obviously in the days before OSHA. After crawling 125 feet, besides the ladder, I can only imagine the cause of death was blood loss or shock.

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