11 December 2012

Tombstone Tuesday--A Bit of a Surprise

While looking through the pictures for a stone to post about today, I came across this one.
At first glance it looks like a nicely engraved stone for a married couple.  But look again.

Margaret, the supposed wife was only three years old at death! 
George was 47 years old when Margaret was born.  I can only guess that Margaret was his daughter.  But there is no way of knowing this. 
Are the years misprints?  I know that mistakes on stones are all too common.  My grandfather's name is misspelled on his stone. 
George lived to be eighty.  Did his wife survive him?  Where is she?  I have way too many questions with this stone.  I think if we had our microfilm of the newspapers already, I would be looking for an obituary for George, to see if some of the details can be worked out.

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  1. Interesting. I am always amazed when I find an error on a headstone. Really? It's not that difficult to ensure it is right!


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