04 December 2012

Tombestone Tuesday--Doud cemetery's Gronso

I was struck by this stone for the Gronso family, located in Newaygo county's Dayton township in the cemetery known as both Doud and Jewell as well as sometimes Dayton Center cemetery.
The thing I found so unusual about this was not the blank faces that were clearly meant to be written on.  That unfortunately is all to common.  My family especially was famous for that.  But the outstanding feature to me was the use of the two different types of stone.   The pink is clearly granite.  The white may be granite, or limestone.  But at least in this area, the use of two different color stones is very unusual.
It does appear to be a family stone, and possibly the other smaller stones are family members.  I like the G engraved in the cap stone of the monument.
I like the way this two-tone stone looks.  I wish there were more around this area.

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