04 September 2012

Tombstone Tuesday--Peter and Mary Wells

I wanted to share to the stone of my maternal great-great grandparents, located in the Copemish Cemetery. 
It was one of my finds when cemetery hopping with my cousin.  We found the Stiver branch as soon as we drove in on the right hand side of the drive.  After that serendipitous start, we covered the entire right side rows of the cemetery with no luck. 
We continued to circle the small older cemetery, working methodically.  As we neared the end, we were in despair that with the day getting late, we may have to start in the newer cemetery, across the road.  Just as we were almost done with that side of the road, as the sprinkles started, we found them.
GGreat Grandpa Peter Delos Wells and GGrandma Mary Jane Nolf were married in April 1871 and their oldest son Calvin Wells is my ancestor.  This nice stone is simple, yet nicely shaped and in fairly good condition.  The main problem is the lichens, which plagued many of the stones there.
Just down the row from them, next to the road, were Mary Jane's family the Nolfs.  Unfortunately, by that time the sprinkles were a bit much, and the picture was rather waterspotted.  But it is always so fun to find ancestors. 
Even if they do like to hide as long as possible.

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  1. Lovely stone and so lucky to find them.

    Beneath Thy Feet


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