07 September 2012

Obituary: Peres Miner Picket

At first glance this appears to be a reprint from an Newaygo paper.  But the date in the byline makes it look like the original article was dated March 28.  That would hardly give time for it to appear in a March Indicator.   But the obituary itself is still important, as it marks the passing of the old guard.  It is especially my own G.A.R. ancestor died a few years later.  While I have seen a hard copy of his obituary, in the Reed City Clarion, I have not been able to obtain a copy.  Hopefully this obituary will be of use to his descendents.
From an unidentified Fremont Times Indicator from March or April of 1933:

Newaygo, March 28.--Peres Miner Picket, born in New York state on Jan. 30, 1843, died at his home here Monday at the age of 90.  Mr. Pickett came to Michigan at the age of 9 and lived in Eaton county for a short time, then came to Newaygo at the age of 16 and lived in this vicinity or maintained his home here for 74 years.
At the outbreak of the Civil War, Mr. Pickett, then 18 years old said he was 21 as many did and enlisted in the Second Michigan calvary.  He was wounded and on recovering attempted to enlist again but found himself barred on account of his former service.  He attempted it again, this time under a different name, without divulging his former enlistment and served three years more.
In 1865 Mr. Pickett married Miss Ellen Platt who died here in 1915 and in 1918 he married Bilinda Shineldocker.
Mr Pickett was an active member of the Samuel Judd G. A. R.  post which once had a large membership here.  He was the last survivor and to him was given the colors to carry on to the end.  This flag will be used to drape his casket and then returned to his family.
for many years after the war, Mr. Pickett was occupied as a mason and a carpenter.  He is survived by the widow, one daughter, Mrs. Flora Burnes of Newaygo; two sons, Ed of Grand Rapids and Roy of Newaygo.
Funeral services will be held at the Newaygo congregational church Wednesday at 2 p. m.  Burial in the Newaygo cemetery.

I find it touching that the flag from the chapter was used on his casket and that it was then the property of the family.  And on a side note, what did that enlisting under another name do to his pension records?  Nothing like using an assumed name to mess with the genealogists' mind.  Especially as they did not mention here what that name was. 

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