29 August 2012

Tombstone Wednesday(?)--Elizabeth Cunningham Smith

This stone in Chase Cemetery, Lake County, Michigan, is a replacement stone.  Some of my distant cousins had it put in place in 2006, as you can see by the cement base. 
Elizabeth Cunningham Smith was born in Ontario Canada.  I like her because she is my tangible link to Mary Sitts, who as a young girl was captured by Indians from the Mohawk River Valley in New York and taken to Canada.  Mary Sitts was Elizabeth's grandmother.  Elizabeth is my great, great, great grandmother.  Her father was Mary's second husband, the one she "ran off with."  After that husband fell from a roof and died, she married John Johnson and settled eventually in Norfolk county, Ontario.  Loved that story.
Elizabeth came to Michigan with her husband, Levi Smith and children.  There they settled in and thrived.  Their previous stone was illegible.  I do not have a picture of the original stone, so it may have been completely gone, or perhaps never existed in the first place.
I am so grateful that these two cousins were able to put this stone in place.
And sorry about the lateness.  Connectivity and busyness continue to conspire against me.

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