21 August 2012

Quick Tombstone Tuesday--Armenus and the No Name Stone

Just a quick post today.  It was a busy day at our history center.  Always a good thing.
But I wanted to share the stone of my great-grandfather Armenus.  He is my first discovery, and I was so delighted to find his stone.
But as you can see, not much identifying information.  In the beginning I had to go by the fact that Great Grandpa Roy was next to him and his wife, along side his wife Ada.  Since Ada's father's stone is in another section, I knew this was Armenus.  Especially when I was able to get his Civil War papers and verify some other dates.
This stone, along with the others in the line, drive me crazy.  Flat, constantly getting covered by sod, and Armenus and Adelia's with no names.

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