24 April 2012

Tombstone Tuesday--Military Honors

Many cemeteries have monuments or markers denoting military service.  My distant cousin that I mentioned recently, Paul Davis (Gilbert) has a marker on his grave.  This is one of the common ones that make mention of the conflict served in, and they often serve as a flag holder.
Other cemeteries have a monument as a memorial of the veterans and fallen soldiers of several wars.  This one is in the White Cloud Cemetery, also known as Prospect Hill cemetery that was covered in a previous posting.  It honors those who served in the Grand Army of the Republic, as well as both world wars, Spanish American war, Korean and Vietnam wars.
Some communities, instead having these monuments in the cemeteries, will have similiar monuments in city parks.  In the local county, I know that Hesperia and Fremont have done that.
The flag holder markers also serve the extra purpose of helping to find the graves.  Since my great-great Grandfather's stone is flush to the surface of the ground, it frequently gets covered by leaves and grass.  This marker helped me locate the stone, several times.
The markers are different for each war.  While you can't see Paul's marker very plainly, it is easy to tell that his from World War II is different from the GAR one on GGGrandpa's grave. 
And this one, on my great-uncle's grave, who served in WWI is still different from the other two.

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