10 April 2012

Diving In

Ok.  I missed Tombstone Tuesday.  But I was distracted by my first chance to dip into the 1940 census..
I wasn't sure where my mother's family was living then but my aunt told me approximately where her family (including Dad) were living. 
So after finding the right county and township, I started searching.  And after about a dozen pages......there they were!  Grandpa, Grandma, Dad and the three youngest siblings.  How exciting!  And further down the page, my aunt's first husband.
Mom's family took a bit longer.  They were in the second place I looked.  They hadn't moved to the farm I remember yet.  And in a surprise discovery, there was a great-grandpa there too.
Such luck inspired me to keep on searching.  So I turned to my home township to look for Hubby's family.
I knew they were mostly in the area we live now. 
But can you believe on page one?
I have a few more to look for, but I think 1940 is a great year.  Even if I wasn't around.

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