11 May 2011

Why we are taking a break from the blog

It is sad times for libraries all over and we have been hit with some major budget cuts.

Unfortunately as of 1st of June 2011 Linda and I will be cut back in hours and will not have time to do updates as regular on the blog as we have. After that date we may take on the blog again as private citizens and continue.

Linda does such a great job with her blogging and does most of it on her own time anyway so stay tuned, someday soon we will be back. Genealogy is in our blood we can't go all these years and just walk away from it.

Meanwhile we are enjoying some new adventures and trying to keep working as many hours as we can.

Thank you to everyone who followed us we love hearing from you. We will be back hopefully soon.

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  1. A long time ago a friend and I took a walk through a cemetery that dated back to pre-revolutionary times. We noticed that there was a predominance of three kinds of people in the older sections of the cemetery:

    1) People under 5 years old.
    2) People over 50 years old.
    3) Women of child bearing age.


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