11 May 2011

Spring is finally here

Spring finally has arrived and it is time for genealogist and history buffs to start visiting their favorite cemeteries and discovering new ones.
A lot of people ask why should you visit the cemetery if you already have the dates of the birth and death of your ancestor. It is because you never know what you might find.
You may uncover the grave of a child that passed on as an infant that left no records behind. You may find other family members buried in the area that you may not known of or have forgotten.
By looking at the stones in the area you may discover a symbol showing membership to a fraternal organization or religious membership. You may also find that your family member was in the military.
Once you visit the cemetery you often will find it a peaceful, relaxing place to visit in today's hectic world.
If you decide to do a rubbing it is best to practice at home first. If you do a rubbing or photograph of the stone please remember only wet the stone with clean water. By using anything else you are introducing a foreign element that will hasten the decay of the stone. Because of this not always being done, many cemeteries are now asking you not to do rubbings. Always check with the cemetery for their rules and regulations and abide by them.

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