02 March 2011


This past week, the only surviving veteran of World War I past away, leaving only one from Great Britain and one from Australia, or so I've read.   That got me thinking about the many who lost their lives during this fight.  I had a first cousin 2x removed who died then.  I have a few obituaries I have found in the 1918 obit book of men who died then, often of disease rather than fighting.  I found this column that lists names of those killed or wounded in that war.
From the 30 January 1919 Fremont Times Indicator. 

Following is a List of Boys Killed or Wounded in Democracy's Struggle

Casualty list of Newaygo county as compiled by Dr. L. S. Weaver:
Ole Webster, big Prairie
Don M. Dickinson, Fremont
Frank Clark, Fremont
Paul Steffe, Newaygo
Carl Loxen, Grant
Clyde Crabtree, Big Prairie
Herman Brandt, White Cloud

Leo McGrath, Bitely
Frank Raymond, Fremont
Jack Stewart, Woodville
Herbert Lenard, White Cloud
W. H. Dubois, Newaygo
Cornelius Wolters, Fremont
Selah Reber, Fremont
Chas. Risher, Hesperia
Wm. Sherman, Newaygo
Glen anthony, Newaygo
E. O. Cooper, Newaygo
Will H. Horton, Fremont
D. J. Carlington, Fremont
A. C. Harper, White Cloud
Andrew O. Goebel, White cloud
Clyde D. Chism, Fremont
John D. Brookhuis, Fremont
Milo Ostrom, Grant
Howard Brown, Fremont
Howard Brown, Fremont
Geo. K. Bowen, Hesperia
Alto Sherman, Hesperia
David Hopkins, Fremont

Died of Wounds
John G. Frens, Fremont; France

Died of Disease
Carl Reynolds, Hesperia; Great Lakes Training Station
W. H. Fowler, Hesperia; Camp Custer
Glen Taylor, Fremont; Camp Custer
Bert Lambers, Fremont; Ann Arbor
H. Teisenga, Fremont; Camp Custer
Auren Brown, Grant; France
Wm. Hutchinson, France
Chas. Alvord, Croton, Camp Custer
Dan covey, Paris, France
A. D. Jordan, Paris, France
Howard Schoolmaster, Fremont; Great Lakes Training Station.

C. C. Upton, Fremont

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