11 March 2011

In memory of a dear friend

Linda has been after me for quite a while to write this posting but to be honest it is a hard one to write. On 22 November 2010 we lost a dear friend, mentor and co-conspirator. Terry Earl Wantz passed from this world into the next.

Terry authored many books on Newaygo Counties history and I am sure that anyone researching in this county has come across his work and name. Terry has been the "to go to person" for any questions on the county. His interests ranged from the Civil War, Post offices to lumbering and every thing in between. He always decorated the graves of the counties veterans for Memorial Day often at his own expense. Keeping the cemeteries as a memorial to the county veterans and the service they gave to our country.

I have many fond memories of Terry from his coming into the Local History Room to share a new discovery. Honking his horn early in the morning in my driveway yelling to get moving we were heading out to a cemetery usually Surarrer Cemetery ( I like to sleep in late on my days off). Then came the lessons in Witching (Divining). Terry would often get teased about it but he was very good at it. Terry would find grave sites, water or foundations of old buildings among other things. He had come from a long line of people we used this ability and was very proud of his skill. When he first tried teaching me I also learned he had a lot of patience, it took me a while since the minute the rods would move I'd drop them or hold on to tight for them to move. But I am now proud to say it works for me too, just not as well.

Terry was always busy between his history projects, volunteering at Bay Cliff Camp, collecting and going to yard sales and auctions. I miss him dearly. So often I think oh I need to ask Terry this or that, or say Terry will know before I realize I no longer can do that.

So many people come into our lives that we take for granted that they will always be there. Loosing Terry has made me aware how important it is to take that second to let people what a difference they make in your life. My life has been made better for knowing Terry and his passing has taught me to always tell your friends they make a difference in your life you may not have tomorrow to do it.

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  1. As a researcher of Newaygo county ancestors I have often see Terry's name. My sympathy to all his associates there in the county, I know he will be missed.


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