23 November 2010

Tombstone Tuesday--Woodville Cemetery

This week, our focus is the last remaining cemetery of Newaygo County, Woodville Cemetery.  Located, appropriately enough in the small community of Woodville, near the township line. 
One of our lovely rural cemeteries, it appears very roomy. with a mixture of both new and older stones.  The earliest grave listed in our transcript is from 1895--P. Johnson.  Many though are from the 1910's and through current times.  I found the above bench/urn combination rather unusual.  And from this view, I am unable to see if there is a regular memorial stone, of if the name and dates are carved onto the seat or somethings.  Very unique.
Woodville also has its share of smaller, more modest monuments.  I don't know if there is also a stone coming for Basil, or if these are the only markers for his grave.  Perhaps why that is why the cemetery looks so open, if others had wooden grave markers that may have since vanished.
I always remember riding through Woodville, when I was very young, that the rolling steep hills made me think they were buried dinosaurs, long ridges that made me think of a reclining brontosaurus.  Ok, so maybe my sense of size and natural history were flawed, at least back then, but you can see in the above picture a bit of the rolling land of the "dinosaur hills" found there.  also notice the variety stones, and the cement border, although it does appear to be more of a retaining wall in this circumstance.
This shot is apparently of the newer area of the cemetery.  Most of these stones, even in the background seem to be more modern granite with none of the carved limestone monuments visible.
 I mentioned that P. Johnson was the oldest grave in our transcript.  Here is the stone for this person.  It doesn't state if  "P" was male or female, but born on 4 July 1846 and died 16 September 1895.  The picture engraved on the top seems to be a flower of some kind, perhaps a rose.  I am not up to snuff on symbology, so I don't want to hazard a guess.
 This is an unusual marker,  the block in the background I mean.  A nice square chunk of marble or limestone with a large block B on it.  And nothing else.  Is that separate from the cross that is covered in flowers, or part of the same grave.  I'm confused and full of questions. 
Here is another shot across the cemetery.  It appears that this is looking at the back of many of the stones.  The upright one just past the drive in the foreground appears to have a military plaque visible from this side. 
One final wide angle view of the cemetery.  This appears to be the back section, since the driveway curves here.  But also I notice that all the graves around this area seem to be older ones.  So rather than older, perhaps this is just off to one side.  Hmmmmm. 
As I said, this is the last of our Newaygo county cemeteries.  Next Tuesday, I will have to start on a new topic for Tombstone Tuesday.  Maybe some of my family stones, some of which lay just outside the county.  Maybe just some other cemeteries.  Maybe some nifty stones I've seen here or there. 
I guess you and I will just have to wait and just see where the Diva's land.

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