16 November 2010

Tombstone Tuesday--White Cloud Cemetery--Up Close

This week we look closer at White Cloud Cemetery.   While it is active cemetery, with both old and new stones, as always, it is the older ones that draw my attention.
Here is the stone for Mary, wife of O. Plemon.  She died so young at age 22 years, 28 days on June 2, 1882, according to the inscription easily read from the stone.  However our transcriber must have been having an off day.  The transcript says 22 years, 5 months, 20 days.  Shows you must always double check the original source.
This is an impressive little monument.  Lennie T. Fox apparently died young.  Or so the stone implies to me, but the date is hard to read.  I would say this son of John & Emma Fox died on March 1, 1882, which is what our transcript says.  The transcript does not give any more of the inscription, which you can tell by looking was quite detailed.  I believe that it possibly says he was age 13 years plus.  I like the separate lamb on a separate little stone, that are both joined on the same base stone.  I don't believe I have seen a stone similar in construction to this one before.
I didn't realize when I was grabbing interesting pictures to post that so many of them were of such young people.  Here is the stone for John E. Bechtol, who died January 29, 1882 at the age of 12 years, 1 month, 2 days.  John's stone states he was the son of  H. S. & L. E. Bechtol.  There is much more inscribed on the bottom of this stone.  Apparently the transcriber here also did not want to be bothered with the fine details. I'm not sure how high this stone is.  To me it doesn't appear very tall, but perhaps there was also a top finial that is missing.  
This stone caught my eye with the picture.  I knew it was for a child, with the poignant engraved picture of a mother holding her child in her arms.  Ida Labeck was born April 20 1880 and died August 3. 1883.  Such a touching and unique stone.  I haven't seen one before with that picture.
Mabel L Charboneau has a obelisk type stone, with a finial that is clearly in a bit of trouble.  And once again, when checking the details on the stone to share, she is just a child.  She was the daughter of C. E. & G. G.  Charboneau and died June 15, 1880.  She was, as near as I can make out on the photo, just over 2 years of age at her death.
Again, clearly one whose life was cut short.  You can tell by the small stump that it was a child.  James H. Merrill died July 23, 1893, at the age of 14 years, 4 months and 3 days.  The stone is slightly worn, but it is clearly one of the wonderful tree stump style stones.  But can anyone guess what that is laying draped against the base of the tree, above the plaque with his name.  It just can't be a dead dove, can it?  That's what my eyes think they see.
And just to prove that indeed, older people do die and are buried in the White Cloud Cemetery, here are Norma and Harry.  The flowers hide the last name, but at least we can see that Harry survived to age 66, and apparently at the time the picture was taken, Norma was still going strong.  And isn't the depth of the carving of the picture great?

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