23 April 2013

Tombstone Tuesday--Don't Believe Everything You See

My paternal grandpa died before I was born.  His stone is a joint stone with grandma's in Newaygo County's Clark Cemetery.
It is a nice upright wedge shaped stone. It is located near the drive, but not too near, under a large maple tree.  No danger of their stone getting buried in grass, leaves and soil anytime soon.  It is more susceptible to moss and lichen.
But there is a problem with their stone.  Specifically with Grandpa's name.  It's spelled wrong. 
I know it is spelled wrong because I was given the correct spelling many times.  My grandma, Dad, several aunts and others used it several times in writing.  It should be Delva.  I also had a cousin named for grandpa. 
Although hard to read in the picture above, the stone clearly says Delve.
 Grandpa Delva did have a fairly unique name.  I haven't met anyone with that name, other than my cousin.  But his line comes from a long line of what are today rather unusual names: Laban, Elisha, Ebenezer, and Omar among others.
 I wonder why the stone was misspelled.  Back when the stone was set, you couldn't blame auto-correct like you can now.
 But it all goes to show, that you cann't believe everthing you see when doing genealogy.
Pictures top to bottom--
  1. The stone for Grandma Edna and Grandpa Delva.  
  2. A picture of Grandpa, undated of course in his baseball uniform.  He wasn't a professional, but must have belong to a local team somewhere, possibly in the Grand Rapids area.
  3. Grandma and Grandpa, presumable on their farm in western Newaygo county in the 30's or early 40's.
  4. Another undated picture, one that my father told me was their wedding picture.

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