30 October 2012

Tombestone Tuesday: Cemetery Frustrations

One of things I find frustrating are buried and broken stones. 
Chief among these types of stones are my whole row of Gilbert family stones in Chase Cemetery, Lake County, Michigan.
Below is the second in line.  I have mentioned before, I think my frustrations with them.  To begin with, the stones for GGgrandpa Armenus and GGgranndma Adelia have no names.  Just dates with the inscription Mother (shown here--you will have to trust me.) and Father.  And as is the case through Ggrandpa Roy and Ggrandma Ada, and their oldest daughter Myrtle, they all have stones that a flush with the ground.  This picture shows what I have to contend with.  Being flush they get buried very easily.
Every year that I can get here, I have to brush back leaves, and try to trowel back the dirt that has started to bury the stones.  I skipped a year and the next year I was there, I couldn't find them.  So I must get there this spring and spend some time there digging them out.
This second stone is of the broken variety.
Very faintly it says wife of Oscar Averill.  The transcript for the cemetery says Oscar and leaves out the "wife of" part.  I was quite dismayed when I went looking for Oscar. 
 For a while I wondered if the stone for Minerva was the top half, but then I poked around the cemetery a little more.
 And there on this newer obelisk style stone for the Averill family was Minerva.
But on closer inspection....  No luck there either.  
Since Michael is, I believe Oscar's brother, I must continue to look.  And besides, I later found that Oscar's wife was Sarah, and no stone around there says Sarah.  
The search goes on.

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